Dedicated to supporting young musical talent and excellence, DV YOUNG SOUNDS will transform into a competition in 2023, positioning itself internationally as one of the most important and prestigious. In collaboration with EGEA Music, Da Vinci Publishing®, Osaka, is offering young musicians a rare opportunity to break into the complex and competitive world of the international recording industry, by providing comprehensive financial and logistical support.

In an era where the music industry is increasingly competitive, DV YOUNG SOUNDS represents an unparalleled opportunity. Alongside the prestige of recording in the splendid setting of Palazzo Cigola-Martinoni, a historic mid-eighteenth-century villa and current official headquarters of DV Studio, the first prize for the renewed competition amounts to €5,000. Moreover, Da Vinci Publishing will support and organize three fully-fledged recordings for the winners. All awardees will also receive extensive promotional support to further their projects.

As an avant-garde project, DV YOUNG SOUNDS has enabled numerous record productions that have been published and distributed worldwide, providing concrete and tangible support for young musicians. However, Da Vinci Publishing® has decided to take its support for young artists a step further by offering them more substantial and practical support that helps them to break through in the music industry and establish their careers.

The competition prioritizes and seeks out the most significant musical projects that showcase the intelligence and artistic abilities of the performers, providing an unparalleled opportunity for professional development.

In conclusion, DV YOUNG SOUNDS offers a singular opportunity for young artists to showcase their talent and establish their careers in the competitive and complex world of music. With the support of Da Vinci Publishing®, Osaka, and EGEA Music, the winners will realize their dreams and share their art with the world.


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